Monday, January 5, 2015

Building my Bagua for 2015

I've just returned from a four day retreat.  

Well actually, I never left my house, but my family did, and I opted to stay home and focus on recharging my batteries.  It was brilliant.

There was a hint of guilt in my choosing Me-time rather than family time; each time it arose I reminded myself why doing this was important to me, and a benefit for me and my family.

You can not serve from an empty cup and by the end of 2014 I was empty.  So choosing Self-Care and Self-Love by retreating was the best decision I could overall.

The first thing on my retreat list was to reflect on the past year, and specifically how the "Power word", I chose for myself served me.

I chose Fluidity & Fluid as my anchor for 2014, and I likened it to seaweed.  This proved to be most appropriate and very important for all that the year held.  By the end of December (as seaweed), I was water logged and ready to climb out of the ocean and onto dry land.

Using the inspiration and direction from Nicole Cody at Cauldrons and Cupcakes I settled in to find a new word and new energy to anchor the new year.  Last January I found that choosing a power word that encompassed my Bagua was a positive compliment.

I was quite attracted to the word she had chosen, "Build", however still decided to continue to journal and jot to see if that was the most perfect for me.

Words that came up were:  Voice, Plant, Passion, Bloom, Thrive, Communicate, Speak, Take Root, Share, Vocalization, Articulate, Express and finally I settled on Fluent.

At first thought it was perfect, then I was second guessing my choice because of it being so similar to Fluid and Fluidity.

So I sat with it, let it bounce around my mind as I went onto other things, then decided to see how it fit with my Bagua that I had created during November/December.

Starting at Reflection and working up and around the Bagua:

Reflection = Leadership = communication
Nurture = Go to the Breath = easy breathing
Gratitude = Courage =  No doubting self + ease
Community = Share = Being Fluent
Love = All In = Flows easily
Joy = Bram = Connecting to source of joy
Spirit = Dad = Helping others with my words and actions
Flow = Setting Sail = Going with the flow!

When I read the definition of the word, it really helped to make the connection even stronger to the word, and it began to feel like mine.

My imagery this year is being above the water, contrary to being below, and I am a big fan of easy and graceful.

I'm grateful for 2014, I've decluttered it, chosen what I want to bring forward to 2015 and let go of what no longer serves me.

I have a sticky note on my computer with the question, 
"How does it get any better than this?" 
And am trusting the answer to come from within, and am excited for what I will create!